Terror and Faith

Right now I feel terrified.

It seems like the amount of regrowth that I have does not equate to hair that I am losing.

My spots are getting bigger.

But I have to trust the process.

I am seeing and feeling stubble, and I do know that it is growing back.. or maybe I am just telling myself that. I do not know.

I do hope that it is regrowth though.

I can’t believe it took me this kind of a wakeup call just for me to realize that I do have a condition that I must be wary about. That I do have to take care of myself, and that there’s something wrong with me, but it’s manageable.

Here’s a little comparison photo by the way.  These pictures are taken within the same month – one of my friends who loved playing with my hair found a mole on my scalp. I didn’t know I had one, so I asked her to take a photo of it. It’s a shocking difference of how my scalp looks like now. It’s a very blurry photo, because I didn’t really care to see it clearly, I just wanted proof of the mole, that it’s actually there.

Still, it’s painful to see the difference.. I guess I just have to have faith and keep on taking care of myself and following doctor’s orders regarding my condition.

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I will get past this.

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