My Dream Wedding

My Dream Wedding

(This is a prompt from a friend of mine, to see how far i can go with describing an event. I chose wedding because I think every girl already have their dream weddings  planned out.)

Let's start with the dress:

My body build an athletic pear. I've got quite a generous bottom half and just enough to work with on top. I say that I'm "athletic" pear because I don't really have curves and my father gave me slim and tall genes that kind of hides my big thighs and makes me look more proportionate than I really am.

With that in mind, I have learned to streamline my body and choose clothing that creates the illusion of what I have.

For my dream wedding gown, I want the upper part to be off shoulder with a sweetheart neckline. I also want it to be in a corset style, to form the curves I covet so much. The fabric should either be a a mix of white and very light blush pink, so subtle that it gives me a rosy effect but not so much that my dress is no longer white. I also want some antique gold and clear holographic crystals/sequins on the neckline are and fading down the bodice. Just enough that I catch the light and add an ethereal glow when I walk down the aisle.

For the off shoulder part, I want either wispy pieces of fabric, three layers to hide my armpit area because I'm not that comfortable showing that part. Or just a thin gold band with the same color crystals hanging maybe 4-5 inches on my shoulders like little chandeliers. Coz you know, I'm so into that fairy feel. (I seriously blame Encantadia for this.)

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