I Tried Daily Masks and Here's What Happened --

I Tried Daily Masks and Here's What Happened --

I'm no stranger to face masks. I remember my grandmother using oatmeal and milk as a mask, and coconut oil and aloe vera for her hair. I guess you can say that my grandmother is my greatest influence with regards to taking care of my myself. Actually, in every aspect of my life. Love you, Nay!

Anyway, mushiness aside, I discovered face masks back in college -- my dorm mate would use face masks every now and then, and I wasn't really interested in it. Until i saw one brand (either Etude House or Watsons) having a mask sale and I bought one. Tried it at home and bought another, and another, and another. until it got too pricey for my college pockets and I reverted to DIY masks instead.

Fast forward to working me, I once again got interested with face masks as everyone in the beauty world was hyping it up. I really wasn't going to join the bandwagon, but when Tony Moly dropped their prices to 15% off, and hosted a 3+1 mask promo (and I had some extra cash), there was no stopping me.

I tried it purely for myself at first, without the pressures of blogging about it and telling the whole world I'm doing daily masks. The results were fascinating. I thought my simplified Korean skincare inspired routine was enough to get my skin plumped, but nope. There's a reason why masks sell like hotcakes nowadays. They are seriously life changing.

In case you still don't believe in the power of daily masking, here's another post of 7-day mask challenge;

Disclaimer: I was also doing my Skincare Routine rigorously during this week. I also skipped all skincare steps except CTM for two weeks before doing this post.


Day One: name of mask - price
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