CSC: Confidence, Support groups, and General Updates | Alopecia Areata

It was definitely an internal battle earlier.

To shower or not to shower?

Showering still won though. I know I have to, so I will. And I did. Yay to having the courage to shower three days in a row! I think it also helps that I am seeing less and less shedding every time I comb my hair. It's now almost back to the amount of hairfall I get when I was still "normal".

I now have more courage to wear my bonnet -- not that I have a choice, but I've now learned to own it than hide it. I've even learned how to style it better! I'm actually looking forward to maybe buying a couple more, just so I have some variety.

Surprisingly, I also have been liking the taste of the Spiced Tea that I made. So much so that I brewed a liter of and I've slowly been drinking it. I'll share the benefits and the recipe within the week.

For those who stumbled on this blog looking for more information about Alopecia Areata and perhaps for support, I'd like to share a Facebook group that I am part of that has shed much needed light to our condition and what can be tried to help.

I'm a new member, but so far all I've been seeing are nice messages, helpful tips and doable recommendations. Please note that this is only for females, but if you're looking for a gender neutral group, I joined one too. I just haven't interacted here much.

I'm also a part of an all around female support group, which introduced me to a cool blog that I now visit daily. This group offers me good vibes and positivity everytime I drop by.

My mood is much, much better these days. Maybe it's the good food I've been preparing for myself lately, or if it's the medicine effects, or if it's just my outlook in general. Still not complaining. I hope this continues.

Here are my stats for today:

Blood Pressure

See you next time!

P.S. I'll be using the abbreviation from now on to save space. CSC = Current State of the Crown

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