September Plans

Goodbye, August. It was fantastic meeting you.

Hey September, perhaps we'll make a better team? Perhaps you'll be my lucky month? Lucky enough to complete all my stuff to do? Yeah, I hope so too. Twenty one years and eight months is more than enough time wasted. Let's go after our dreams!

This September, I plan to;

1. Get my health in check.


TMI, I'm getting all sorts of icky stuff on my body. No, it's not a hygiene issue, but more hormonal, I think. I have Hypothyroidism, and I'm very thankful that I didn't really show the side effects of having it, like gaining weight, insomnia, menstrual issues, hair fall and constipation. Come to think of it, I think most of the issues I have can be traced back to my hormonal disorder. This month I have to prioritize my health.

Another things is that I feel like my teeth are getting brittle and I'm developing an overbite. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like I can move my teeth with my fingers (nauuga, that's how it's called in Filipino). Feels like when I was still losing my baby teeth. My teeth are also being increasingly yellow. It's natural for me, but it makes me steer away from red based lipsticks a lot. I want to change that.

I've also been getting UTI's very often recently. I had it once when I was I kid, once last year and twice this year. I've followed doctor's orders -- have good hygiene, stay hydrated, use cotton undies, etc and honestly I'm not sure what's causing it.. What's even freakier is that it seemed to be

2. Go back to the gym


Once upon a time, when I wanted to go to Calaguas, I was so intent with getting my "beach body". I stopped because of an injury and my body fat has increased a lot. (But all in the wrong areas). I want to get this body back!

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3. Spring clean my apartment

Honestly, I need to sort out all my things, and throw away those I don't need. While I treasure my books, they are all just gathering dust and that's not okay. Perhaps I'll sell those that I didn't really like that much, or donate them to.. somewhere. I'm thinking of donating books to our library instead. We'll see.

Also plan to sort out my clothes and then bring the clothes I don't really back home in the province. I'll save up space in my apartment and have something to wear when I go to the province. I feel like I was so eager to settle in my city apartment that I felt like I had to uproot my province room. That didn't really work.

4. Open a New Bank Account

I seriously need a separate bank account to save my money. Then entrust the card or passbook to someone else. This way I don't have a way to easily access the cash and and I'll be forced to save. I have big plans for my 22nd birthday,

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