August 2017 Makeup and Lifestyle Haul

Hey everyone! Welcome back!

Today let's talk about stuff that I bought that I don't really need but I think is necessary.


Just kidding! Not all of these items are makeup, I have a few items that are skincare, health and fitness, home goods, etc. Basta, these are items that I spent (wasted) my money on in preparation for the school year 2017-2018.

I also made a video version of this, so if you'd prefer to watch than read, here's the video. For the blog post, keep on reading!


I'll talk about clothes first, because I only have a few items under this category.

Sports Bra - ₱179.00 and Jogging Pants - ₱275.00

I got these to inspire me to get back on my my fitness routine, but nothing has happened so far. I think I have to set myself to cleaning up my apartment first so I can clear up my mind and focus on other things than how disorganized my stuff is.

White Shoes - ₱300

My white shoes retired, so I needed to get another pair. I always need four basic shoes in my closet -- workout shoes, black shoes, white shoes, nude shoes and heels.

Heels - ₱

I literally just bought these for my incorporation rites.

Shades - ₱100 each

When I went to Market! Market!, I saw this kiosk selling "Sunnies" sunglasses for 100. I'm not sure if these are legit Sunnies collection sunglasses, but if they are, these are probably defective or factory rejects because some of them are uneven or bent. I got a few designs from them, and if I can link similar items on the store, I will.

Those are all clothing/accessories that I got, and now we move on to MAKEUP! and skincare and health and lifestyle goodies.

Let's start with hygiene products, because that is vital in this day and age!

Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner - ₱95.00

There was a Beauty and Wellness sale in Market Market so I even though I still have shampoo and conditioner in my stash, I bought a set. I've learned that this saves me a lot of time because I can just grab something from my stash instead of rushing out and buying it (and probably picking up other items I don't really need). I think I subconsciously picked this up from my grandparents because they usually buy one or two things to keep in our pantry for future use.

Belfour Tomato Soap - ₱129.00

Just like the tag suggests, it was on buy 1 take 1 so I got a pair. I'm not sure what to expect from this soap because I wasn't able to find any reviews on it. I just hope I don't get rashes or anything.

Priva Skin Lightening and Cooling Feminine Wash - ₱118.34 and PH Care Natural Papaya Feminine Wash - ₱94.43

Like I said, personal hygiene is a must. I'm still in the process of trying out different feminine washes, but somehow I always go back to the PH Care line, and I either get the Papaya one or the Cooling one.

Celeteque Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash 60ML - ₱78.99 and Celeteque Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner 65ML - ₱64.07

Fun fact: These were the first ever skincare items that I tried. I was given a travel set when I was in sixth grade and I broke out. I'd like to think that it was just my hormones that were going haywire, but we'll find out for real. I purchased the smallest sizes so I can try it out first and see how my face reacts.

Myra Vitawhite Facial Moisturizer 50ML - ₱87.13

I'm in dire need of a facial moisturizer that does its job without being greasy, and this was one of the top picks based on online reviews, so I'm giving this a shot.

Face masks
Ekel - 4 for ₱100
Daiso - ₱88 each
Watsons - 3+1
(list brand and price, indicate free)

Face masks galore! I wanted to try the 10-step Korean skincare routine again, so I stocked up on face masks!

Myra E 400IU - ₱296.70, Revicon Forte - ₱124.49, Cal Lactate 325MG - ₱69.43 and Ritemed Ascorbic Acid 500MG - ₱121.83

These are my daily vitamins, and they compensate for all the junk I eat. Or not eat.

Ritemed Neutracid - ₱2.56 and Ritemed Loperamide - ₱4.68

My company's partner pharmacy was having a sale so I stocked up on a few medicine kit essentials.

Okay, here's the makeup part for reals!

EB Blushing Cheeks - ₱90.00

I used to have the Sophie Paris Magic Pink, but I can't get a hold of that, so I decided to try out EB's version. It works the same, except that EB has a really sweet cherry scent.

[gallery ids="1875,1871" type="rectangular"]

EB Blush Duo in Summer Goddess - ₱140.00

This is my favorite blush duo everrrr. It gives my the perfect pink and glow! I layer this on top of the EB Blushing Cheeks and it stays put the whole day!

[gallery ids="1882,1881" type="rectangular"]

Careline Liquid Lipstick in Live Wire and Wallflower - ₱195 each

I got these because of the hype, and they live up to the hype! Looking forward to purchasing more shades soon! I'm setting my eyes on getting Brisk'd, In Bloom, Prince, Luster and Gotta Go. Or maybe I'll just purchase all shades. IDK, we'll see. Kinda obsessed with these but my wallet isn't.


EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in Chocolate Truffle - 185.

This has been on my to-buy list for so long, and I finally got it. I like the texture of this liquid lipsticks, EB is definitely stepping up their game! I like these better than my Colourpop lippies to be honest. My friend, Caz, has this and it looks like a nude lippie on her. I wore and it was straight up brown. Didn't meet my shade expectations of a nude brown, but I'm not complaining! I want to collect all shades in this collection too!

Careline Magic Lipstick in Avatar - ₱45.00

Now this, I'm kind of disappointed because I wanted a muted, natural pink.. and I got bright blue-toned pink. It honestly looks like a cheap shade of pink for me, like a kid's toy, but hey, I got what I paid for. I can still work with it, but it doesn't fill the purpose of what I intended it to be, which is a no-makeup makeup lippie. Maybe the other shades will work?

LA Colors Chunky Lipstick in Deep Red and Coral - ₱159.00, buy one take one.

I dropped by Purebeauty Serendra and they were ON SALE! I was checking out the Wet And Wild balm stains and I was kind of disappointed with the shades.. then the saleslady pointed out that the L.A. Girls items were on sale too, so I checked it out and I decided on these shades because I don't think I have the same shades in my collection. I hope these suit me because there were no testers.

Wet and Wild Megalast Lipstick in Red Velvet - ₱149.50, 50% off

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of getting into loud lipstick colors lately. I'm also making it my mission to collect all the Wet and Wild Megalast Lipstick shades, hence this addition. I already had the other colors they had on show so I only picked one.

Wet and Wild Megaliner in Black - ₱149.50, 50% off

My liquid eyeliners were already either old or dried up, so I picked this up. This is my first time to try WNW eyeliners. I hope I don't like them too much because their original price is a bit too steep for my eyeliner budget. It looks so promising though.

iWhite Korea Set - ₱339

This is another jackpot product for me, like the NBS Grab and Go pack from my Back to School haul. I wanted to get the moisturizer and the BB cream because it has worked so well for me in the past, and it's just a bonus that it cam in a pack with a few other stuff inside.

QuickFX Primer - ₱99.00 and Nose pack - ₱22.00

These are repurchases too, and I picked up the primer sachet because I wanted to check first if it still works for me. The Nose pack, on the other hand, I just prefer fresh ones that the one that comes in the tube. I also use one pack for my whole face so it's more convenient.


Careline BB Cream in Fresh - Free

I got this for free because I purchased EB and Careline stuff, and I was excited to try it until I did. I HATE IT. Not only is it the wrong shade, but damn it smells like a super cheap fake liquid foundation I tried wayyyy back when I had zero knowledge about fake makeup. It smells like a mixture of sweet calamine lotion and Off insect repellent. No wonder they gave this away for free. It was the wrong shade as well, and I asked the saleslady if there were other shades.. There were none for free. Nice.

The last two items are for my apartment, and I got these from the dollar store.

Glade Air Freshener in Red Honey Suckle - ₱99.00 and White Basket - ₱85.00

I wanted to get an electric air freshener or humidifier for my apartment, but I realized that I won't be able to use it while I'm out so I just bought the gel ones. One is for my room and the other is for my bathroom. I like using the same scent so it's uniform and it doesn't clash. The white basket is either going to be used for my storage, for blog items or to keep my 10 step Korean skincare stuff.

That's all I got this August! I know its quite a lot, but to be honest I only shop once in a while and I make sure I only get items on my list. Except for the sunglasses. Those are impulse buys.

I'll try my best to make a review on these items as well, so make sure to follow my blog. Let me know in the comments which items you're most interested in!

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