My Favorite Day with You | UmiNevaeh 2017

I love every single day that I've been with you, but there's one day that I will always be in love with.

It was a relatively normal day for us, nothing fancy or out of the ordinary. We had a slightly different schedule and for some reason I haven't seen you much that day. I can't exactly remember if it was because I had classes or something else entirely, but the first time I saw you that day, you were with one of our friends and you had three roses and a box. I didn't really think that was mine at first.. after all, it's not your style and I don't really have that much patience with superficial gifts. You know my experience with extragavant actions but sinister intentions, and for some reason I just don't trust material interpretations of affection. Our friend also was a more suitable candidate for the typical showy boyfriend, so I really didn't mind. Not at all.

I do remember seeing you acting strange and jittery, but naive me just ignored it and went on my business. I even chided our friend because I seriously thought it was for his (now ex) girlfriend.

Was I really that naive? I guess so. Maybe I learned not to expect anything, because our relationship at this stage was so juvenile yet exclusive at some point. We were unsurely sure of ourselves and I was half into it and half out of it, ready to take it future or just move on. Millenial love. Always making sure you're not the one left in the dust.

But that wasn't the case right?

The reason why you were acting so weird was because it was for me. The pivotal moment of our relationship.

"Pupunta ako sa inyo."

(I'm going to your house.)

Remembering those words now brings tears to my eyes. We've come so far my love.

I personally went from being unsure and ready to go to realizing you are the one I want to grow and mature with. What you did showed me how much you wanted to prove to me that you're serious. That you're not playing around and what you said is true.

Meeting my grandparents is a rite of passage for my suitors, and you passed it with flying colors. Nevermind that you were in cold sweat the whole time or that I intentio nly left you alone for a few minutes with them. You were able to talk to my grandfather and he even joked with you! That's something no one has ever done before. The roses and the cake definitely helped though,but it was your sincerity that gave you away.

They saw that your intentions was pure, and that you're serious. They perhaps saw something else I didn't see, and now they look for you more than they look for me. They cook your favorites everytine you come over. They have become so used to you that they are okay with us being alone in the house for some periods of time. They know you enough that they entrust me with you. They share my minute details and short comings because they know you're another voice that I listen to.

They might as well love you as much as you love me.

It's a dream come true.

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