Unromantic | February 2017

Whoop de doo.

Alright. So it's a Monday, and instead of waiting for a #1 on my calendar, I'm just going to start today and try my best to blog everyday again. Hopefully I manage to do so this time.

(Well, I technically did for a month last November, so I hey.)

Well, anyway. Let's just start this yeah?

As of the moment I have zero sleep and will almost be awake for 24 hours. I am also pushing myself to my limits and will be trying my best to vlog everyday, to document my 1st week of 2nd semester, because for the first time ever, we'll be having classes in the University and that's exciting and scary at the same time. I don't know if I'll be able to wake up on time during mornings anymore. And I don't even know what to wear. Seriously. The dress code is "business casual". What the hell is business casual? I don't have that kind of clothes. Gosh.

What else is on my mind...

Ah, we moved floors and I'm missing the soft and bouncy keyboards upstairs. But can't be choosy, I guess. Maybe just try and find a new place tomorrow.

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