It isn't deadly but it can kill you.

Is Alopecia Areata fatal?

I found myself typing that question into the Google search bar today. 78,300 results in less than a second, but I wasn't able to find anything substantial.

All I found is that it doesn't cause pain, it's not physically uncomfortable, it doesn't make you sick or anything of that matter.

But it might as well be fatal, because the wounds that you can't see are the hardest wounds to treat.

Some autoimmune diseases give you physical pain, something that you can see or that shows up on blood work or can even be physically seen. Some of them can kill you in a short period of time, some can be a long staged battle.

Then there's Alopecia Areata which attacks you from out of the blue and takes away something that can mean the world for some people. Hair is such an integral aspect of daily life that we don't really notice it until it's gone.

I myself never realized that I depended on my hair this much. I mean, yes, I love my hair and I take care of it, I am very much attached to it but I didn't realize that I'm this attached. Heck, I didn't even want to cut my hair, not even an inch. I planned to, but I just couldn't get around to it. Then all of a sudden nearly every strand falls out in less than a month.

Ganun ba talaga? Pag mahal mo, iniiwan ka?
(Do the ones we love really have to leave us?)

Yes, alopecia areata is not deadly, but it might as well could have killed me. Thank God for my pride that I didn't do anything stupid. Thank goodness for my grandparents, for being my rocks and for offering their support and love during a challenging time. I'm also thankful for little windows of my past opening up.

It's also a weird disease, to be honest. I mean, a disease possibly caused by stress becomes a stress factor.

If you can get past the hairloss part, good for you. Now deal with the uncertainty of the treatment and maintenance, because there is definitely no cure for Alopecia Areata. How fun.

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