Unanswered | Literature 2016

It's like I'm chasing something that just always out of my reach
Near enough to entice, far enough not to be grasped
How do I keep up with you? It's like you're mythological
Like you're a dishonest dream, an enchanting nightmare
A cage I can't escape, chains I can't break
This is no longer part of my reality
Or is the very same, oh the shame!
That I fell for the very same tricks
I used to use with previous unfortunate souls
Is this the karma they revere so much?
The one they fear, the one who garners so much terror?
Is this it?

Shall I be forever be trapped in this never ending abyss
Like the Titans of Tartarus?
Or am I just being melodramatic, hormones kicking in?
Shall I be forever a prisoner of your eyes?
Your embrace, your words, your kisses?
Breaking free in a few hours, but it's just like a trick
Just a few moments of freedom, just a feel of what lies behind?

What shall happen now?
Shall I leave, shall I go?
Shall I stay, shall I be here?
Should I still believe that this is what I've been looking for?

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