Venus | Poetry 2016

She often joked about her names
That each name represented a part of herself
Jokingly she'll change characters and ask me to call her by different names
She was obsessed with theatre and role play and acting
She was a rising star because she bring so much life to a role
It seemed like she never acted a character
The character just became her.
She was a pitiful orphan, bringing tears to the audience's eyes
She was a shameless courtesan, arousing the men in the room
She was a saint, a martyr, an angel
A soldier, a widow, an enchantress
A rebel, a writer, a priestess
One time she was cast for a role named Venus
For the first time ever she declined
She never declined a role, making time for each and every act
But Venus was declined.
She tore the script, burned the sheets
"I can't act Venus." she said.
"But that's your name" I replied.
"I can't, it will be too much"
"Too much of a role? But that's why they love you, because you give too much."
"I don't want to be Venus anymore."
"But you're Venus. This is about you. This is your moment."
"I have already left that name behind."
"I've already changed. I swore I'll no longer be her."
"I promised them I'll be good."
"I don't want to risk their anger."
I tried to convince her, I manipulated her to agree to the role.
It took sometime, but I was successful.
Not even the strongest minds can resist me, tried and tested and true.
Finally she said yes.
She'll play Venus.
I wish I never persuaded her to play.
I wish I read it first.
I thought this was about the goddess of love.
I was wrong. This is about the Morning Star.
But I was also correct, she is Venus.
In the flesh.

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