Here | Poetry 2016

He's here.
Damn it he's here.
I can feel his marks again.
I can hear him laughing.

He's here.
He never really left.
He never really went.
He doesn't wanna leave.

He's here.
It was a mistake to believe.
It was wrong for me to drink.
I can't escape.

He's here.
He's waiting in the dark.
He's watching in the shadows.
He watches me while I sleep.

He's here.
They don't believe me.
They never will.
That's what he always says.

He's here.
They say ghosts aren't real.
They say angels protect me from demons.
They are wrong.

He's here.
He looks like an angel, as always.
They surrender me, again.
They always thought the bruises were makeup.

The reality is makeup covered the bruises.

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