I didn't see it coming | November 2016

Okay. Hold up, I didn't miss a day. i just forgot that i don't have internet connection at home, nor do I have the blogging app on my phone. Also, it was my restday yesterday, so that's that.

Anyway, I am officially single for a day. Not sure if this will last, or if we will get this fixed in the future. We're supposed to talk on Tuesday, and we'll see what happens from there. We're on good terms though. I told my grandmother what has happened, mainly because she asked. She took it well, and I guess it's because she feels like I'm okay, which I am.

My Saturday was so and so. I didn't really have any desire to eat, and I just watched the Harry Potter movies over and over again. Sunday.. I did some chores and did the laundry. Now, I'm on overtime because I'm a broke girl and I need some cash :3

That's my lame excuse for a blog for the weekend. :/

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