Frustration | November 2016

Since it seems that I am not going to be released from my MCN even though I have not been uploading videos or even using my account, I have decided to close my channel and just start anew. This means I also have to go through 999 subscriptions and 300+ videos on my account. So much hassle!

Two years ago I sincerely believed that connecting with an MCN would help me a lot, but it turns out that's all BS. I didn't get the help or attention or exposure I needed and just ended up getting burned out. Fast forward to now, I filed an unlink request on October 21st, well within their 30 days before contract renew, and when I checked it earlier, lo and behold, it reset. This has happened twice and now I'm out of the 30 day period to cancel renewal and I am not dealing with them for another two years. I'll just cancel my account and start anew and forget this ever happened.

I don't want to be affiliated with an MCN anymore, I'll just figure out everything along the way, thank you very much. Or maybe be patient enough to wait and be offered partnership rather than going with the MCN easiest to be partnered with.

The main reason why I wanted to be with an MCN before is because of all the glitz and glamour they show, but I guess that's only for the big guns. For us tiny ones, nah. Forget about it. You're just another feeder in the cell. So I decided to stop making videos and wait for the 2 year contract to finish. As mentioned above, I got ignored, and so I'm just going to start fresh. It's seriously, absolutely annoying. I would have to finish this by Saturday, when I'll be able to have unlimited access to the internet. I guess the good thing is that I can sort through all of these and avoid having my feed spammed.

Think positive. I have done this with my Instagram, I sure as hell can do this on my Youtube.

- Update: Currently still on the A's of my subscriptions. Ah Lord, give me patience! :3

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