Future Plans | November 2016

I just want to collate all my thoughts regarding my future plans, and add a few more that I can think off.

When I turn 21, I want to get my own credit card and start building a good credit history. I also want to start having a legit savings account and take advantage of the auto-save feature of my bank. I also want to get a new phone because although my phone is well-loved, it's too glitchy and I need to upgrade to a phone that will cater to my needs as a blogger. Speaking of blogging, I should also have my uploading schedule (planning on a twice a month upload for youtube and blog posts). I also want to be able to schedule a monthly photoshoot for my OOTD's and glam shots. Because why not? Routine wise, I should have a workout routine and just continue my Korean Skincare Routine.

By the time I turn 22, I should have doubled by credit limit and and be able to travel as this is my designated travel year. I want to go to the following places;

Boracay, because I have never ever been there and it's always hyped and I know more or less I'll regret it because I'm not really a beach baby but hey, whatever.

Batanes, because, hype. Also, I've seen the place, and damn, for a small island, it's very very pretty. Like, #TravelGoals pretty.

Olongapo and Cebu, because I want to revisit those places.

Another one on my list is Palawan.

For international travel, I want to visit the UK and maybe Japan as well. :)

Add another year and I'll be 23. I want to have my own place, like I actually own it. Maybe a condo, or an actual house. IDK. This is where my credit card will come in handy, in showing that I can pay and I can be trusted to pay on time. My goal is a unit with two rooms, one for the bedroom and another room for the entertainment room/office/studio. Then the main living area which will the be typical receiving room, then dining and kitchen room. Of course, the bathroom is a none negotiable. Philippine condo units typically don't have laundry rooms and frankly I don't feel the need for one since I can just do it in the bathroom. I'll dedicate this year to building my home. In the future when I settle down in the province, I will just put the unit for lease so that I can still have extra income. When my kids are of age, they will inherit the unit.

24. I'm not really sure, but by this time I should be financially stable, like, I can quit my job stable. I just want to be at ease during this year and maybe purchase a car? I'm not really sure. 24 is a vague year for me.

Now, 25 is a different story. This is the year when I foresee myself as a degree holder and be eligible for marriage. Then I can just be a housewife and just chill. Just kidding. I know for myself that I won't stop working until I get pregnant. That's when I'll quit an office job and focus on being a mother and a wife. That's why I wanted to achieve all my personal goals before I reach 25.

So there! I've finished this post finally! Just in time :D

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