Missed | Poetry 2016

It's oftentimes in these quiet moments
That you will feel something missing
Like your heart forgot one small beat
Like your lungs forgot how to breathe

It's a small, trivial thing
That when you're busy you don't see
But once your mind decides to wander
That's the moment when we..

We miss the hugs and kisses
We miss the laughter and tears
We miss the feeling of being together
We miss everything, each other

Right now that I'm thinking about it
It's as if I'm underwater
I'm scared to let go
For I feel like I will drown

Drown in the loneliness of your absence
Perish because of sadness
I once felt like I was sailing smoothly
But now I've lost all my buoyancy

I've lost direction, lost my map
But you're the Polaris that guides me
Far away, but twinkling brightly
Reminding me that you're still with me

Your name won't escape my lips
But my heart knows you very well
My skin has memorized your touch
Your face burned in my mind

Someday you'll read this, I know
Maybe find this in the attic
Or maybe I'll read it to you
Once again give you a piece of me

These are desperate times
I feel like I'm losing you
But I know I'll never, I won't
For a red string connects our pinkies

Like the legend I've told you,
Fate has destined us to meet
The stars have agreed to bind us
You're the other half of me

I guess by now I've divulged your name
Without speaking, I know it's plain
Who you are, what you are
Is one and the same, my everything.

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