Day 18/100

Hello, hello. 

4-day blogging streak, here we goooo! I am loving this motivation, I hope it never ends. 

Just had a thought.. do I still have it in me to write stories? Novellas? I remember I used to do that ages ago... Do I still have it in me? I don't know. But here's to trying right? 

I mean, some days I can still resurrect those weird feelings of longing. I mean, sure, those feelings aren't necessary romantic longing, but I think I have felt enough of romantic and platonic longing that I can put them into words... right ? 

I do have a couple of literature posts here and there, so I guess I can still write? Maybe I just need the right vibe? Either way, I still want to try. 

Who knows, maybe something will actually come out of it. 

It's just that... I have zero idea of what to write about lol. I do have my pen name though. Louise Lizarondo. I do have a page somewhere where I have a couple of works, but I don't think that I can still access it. 

In other news, I think this will finally be the day when I finish the first episode of GP999. At least I hope so, it's way too overdue. 


I also noticed that I stopped tracking my work collabs in September, which means that I literally have no idea which products arrived that month anymore. I hate that I have such short time memory now, and I wish that I can change it somehow. 

Anyway, I guess I'll just have to make September as my break and just list the other collabs under October. 

Update: I finally finished GP999 episode 1!!!! 

I guess that wraps up day 18. 

Crossed fingers I can do this tomorrow too! 

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