Dove X Cosmopolitan: Today, Dove Taught Me | Events 2022


Today, Dove taught me that life's bumps and humps are like skin issues -- being gentle is the best way to heal. 

It's easy to get lost the information overload of skincare nowadays, but there are three evergreen advice that the dermas from #AskTheExperts shared with us; 

💙 Prevention is better than cure. 

💙 Less is more. 

💙 Listen to your skin. 

All of these ring true with Dove's values, as it is a beauty bar with 1/4 moisturizing cream, combining cleaning and caring in one product. It also has 3 variants, Sensitive, Pink, and Regular, perfect for everyone. Personally, I am loving the Sensitive variant this week!  

You know the drill, check out my website, for more information about what happened during Dove x Cosmopolitan 's event last Friday!  

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