How I FINALLY Claimed my Package from PhlPost | Reviews 2022

My experience with claiming a parcel from PHLPost: 

It is no secret that the Philippine Postal Office services need to be improved, majorly. 

Earlier this year, I was selected as one of the ISNTREE Review Bus participants for the Philippines. 

Because of the ever-changing rules and regulations due to the pandemic, I really didn’t expect to receive the product quickly. All I did was ask the brand to provide me with the tracking number so I can monitor it. 

Just to provide a timeline, I received the Review Bus message on Feb 4th and got the tracking number on March 11th

Now, I do not blame the brand, because, in ideal circumstances, I would have received notification from the courier starting from when the parcel was received and/or shipped out. The said ideal circumstances have consistently happened to me previously as well, so that was what I was expecting. 

So, imagine my utter surprise when the package’s last log was “unsuccessful delivery” FOR THE THIRD TIME was on March 3rd

All along I thought the package was just shipped on March 11th (since that was when I received the tracking number), but NO. The parcel was shipped on Feb 17th, reached MNL on Feb 21st, AND had delivery attempts on Feb 23rd, Feb 25th, and Mar 3rd, respectively.

All had the reason “Absence of addressee” as the reason for the failed delivery attempt. 

I never got a text regarding the delivery attempt.

I never got a call regarding a delivery attempt.

I never got an email regarding the delivery attempt. 

Zero communication at all that my package was even for “window” pickup already. 

If I didn’t ask the brand for the tracking number, I wouldn't even know the status of my parcel and I would’ve lost the opportunity to work with one of the most established brands in the skincare industry!

The moment I knew of my unacceptable parcel status, I immediately reached out to all possible lines of communication and support available – email, calls, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter! But to no avail, of course. 

Phone lines were unreachable or just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing —

No one responds to emails, even though I tagged DTI and DICT.

No one responds to my social media claims either

So I had to resort to checking for online reviews to find out what happened with my parcel. 

I am so thankful for the following blog posts and bloggers who helped me figure out what might have happened with my parcel.

Due to my busy schedule, I was only able to collect my parcel on March 28th, and boy, if I thought my issues were done with PhlPost, heck no! 

Upon checking the tracking details, the last update was that my parcel was at PHZONE1, which is the Makati Post Office. So, I went there, waited for about 15 minutes before a clerk assisted me (had to follow up with a security guard because there was no one at the window I was directed to), before being told that my parcel was at another post office! 

Imagine my frustration! 

But since I needed the parcel and it was the only day that I had time to get it, I pushed through and went to Pasay. 

Of course, I had to go through loops to get it at the Pasay Post Office. 

When I arrived, the front desk had me fill out a form and then told me to go to the 2nd floor. When I went up, the 2nd-floor personnel redirected me to the 1st floor, 3rd window i.e. the EMS Window. Which, apparently, is where I should’ve been directed to all along. 

Hassle upon hassle upon hassle. 

To get it over with, I gave the clerk the tracking number and was told to wait for my name to be called. 

I had to wait for over an hour for a parcel that should’ve been delivered to me at home. 

What’s even more annoying was that I wasn’t the only claimant waiting, and there was staff just standing and chatting around! Claimants were being called one by one despite there being employees not doing anything and despite there being about 4 windows open. I understand having specific roles and such, but isn’t it logical to assign more employees to assist with the claiming process to avoid wasting time? I guess it doesn’t matter much because it’s just our time that is being wasted and not theirs? Maddening. 

Yes, I got my parcel after an hour of waiting because they had to manually locate it in the logs and the storehouse, and only one lady was working at the window where I had to claim my parcel. 

Once I got my parcel I immediately opened it and checked it to see if it was still complete and intact because who knows where and how it was stored from arrival till the 28th. Thankfully, it was intact and the items inside were complete. 

All in all, I wasted about PhP1000 in fares and lunch just to get a package that has already been paid for and should have been delivered to my doorstep. 

(Edit: I know some EMS/KPacket parcels are for window claiming right from the start, but still, why why why was I not even notified of my package's arrival here in the PH??? I checked with my fellow Isntree Review Bus participants and theirs were delivered. WTH?)

I guess the only respite is that I was not charged the so-called storage fee of P112. I would have probably blown my top off if I was charged on top of the hassle I experienced. 

I did ask the clerks to know why my parcel or a notice card was not provided, and their replies were so unsatisfactory and seemed like a canned response because it was the same for both post offices.

Reasons I was given why it was not delivered to be despite of the June 2021 update that tax free (under 10,000 worth) items are to be delivered door to door: 

1. There is no contact number on the package - there IS!!!! 

2. No one is available to receive my package - I work from home and was at home during the failed delivery dates. 

Funny how they never said that no one answered when they tried to reach out to me, maybe because THEY NEVER EVEN TRIED! 

As someone who pays my taxes dutifully, I am so disappointed with this singular experience because I did not have issues with PhlPost or EMS (whatever they are called) previously. I have been charged with the P112 previously upon delivery and also wasn’t charged, but all previous packages were delivered to my doorstep. 

What changed in the past couple of months that suddenly I had to claim my parcel? 

Not going to lie, it was an experience to finally be able to know where the post offices are, but my goodness, it is annoying AF. Not to mention pricey! I could have done something way better with my time instead of trying to figure them out. 

I’m just expressing my frustration at this point, because what if I was not provided with the tracking number? Would my parcel have just rotted in the storehouse? 

I like to think of being chosen as one of the 50 Isntree PH review bus participants as being a representative of the country, and if this is the impression that is being provided, it’s no surprise that brands are choosing to use a different courier service. 

I don’t even want to imagine how many other packages were lost simply because of the lack of updates from PhlPost. Scrolling through the social media accounts of PhlPost, there are so many citizens that have more important parcels than mine, and so many worse experiences than mine. Some have been even waiting for the parcels for over a year! 


While I have so much more to say, I am consciously deciding to shut up and end this blog post now before I say something more unsavory.

Do I recommend using PhlPost for packages? 


I’d rather pay the premium of other courier companies rather than deal with the BS again. 

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