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From the moment I moved out and started living independently, I have been very hands-on with my health. As most of you know, I have hormonal issues and I make sure I take great care of myself lest I go through Alopecia again. 

The moment I got my med card, I immediately tried to find my forever doctors and build relationships with them. One of the doctors that I made sure to find was an OB-GYNE so that I can finally understand why I had such painful menstrual cramps. 

My cramps were so bad that I remember pretty much passing out during class and having to be taken home for the rest of the day. It got progressively worse till I was in my late teens, but my elders just chalked it up to normal period blues and just gave me pain meds and a hot pack, and the occasional school absence. 

When I started working, however, I couldn’t continue doing that because I had to earn my living. So, I went to the doctor and got everything checked – nothing. My doctor even initially thought that I was faking just to get prescription pills or doctor’s notes, maybe because I was so young at that time. 

It took a bit of time (and a couple of other doctors), but with enough visits and tests, one doctor finally believed me and I was prescribed oral contraceptive pills to see if that will help with the pain. It did, but my period got heavier. My doctor and I worked around all the possibilities until I got settled with a brand that helped my chronic dysmenorrhea, didn’t give me cystic acne, and didn’t nearly bleed me out. 

Yes, I say doctors, because I changed my OB about 4-5 times before I found someone that didn’t 1. Judge me for choosing to get contraceptive methods at a young age, 2. Didn’t lecture me about abstinence and give me side comments regarding my private life, and 3. Made an effort to understand and respect me as both a human being and a patient asking for guidance. 

I’d say those first couple of years of trying to find a doctor who matched my vibe and was willing to work with me were very discouraging. If this was the normal experience of every woman trying to find help from their doctors, no wonder only about 31% of women visit their OB-GYNE yearly

If only there was a way to avoid the negative experiences altogether… 

Excitingly, there is now! 

Introducing Ease, a platform dedicated to helping women access sensitive health services from the comfort of our homes!

They aim to help minimize similar issues that I myself have experienced before; the hassle of scheduling a doctor’s visit and waiting at the doctor’s clinic only to be uncomfortable due to doctor-patient mismatch. 

They do this by offering accessible telehealth doctors who are experienced in dealing with sensitive issues and are ready to answer even the most basic of questions. 

Ease PH reached out to me to try their services and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I first started by creating an account with them, then scheduling an appointment with one of their doctors. All that was done in under 10 minutes due to their user-friendly website. 

You can create an account using your Facebook or Google accounts, or by simply filling out the sign-up form. 

To schedule an appointment with one of their doctors, you just have to fill out a simple questionnaire regarding your contraceptive options and any other questions you may have. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a message from the doctor about a couple of hours before your appointment. 

The doctor assigned to me was Dr. Riccia Tan, and she was so nice and understanding and answered all the questions that I had regarding the different types of oral contraceptive pills. 

While I have tried pills before, there were a few concerns that I wanted to be addressed now that I have learned about what else they can do for me, and as I have also gotten a bit more mature. 

Previously, the only thing that mattered to me was that pills helped me function as a normal person during my period – meaning no excruciating menstrual pain. 

Now, I wanted to explore the possibility that oral contraceptive pills can also help me maintain my oily and acne-prone skin. 

After a lengthy discussion (I had so many questions that Dr. Tan answered attentively), I chose the Charlize brand, which can help regulate cycles, manage cramps, and lighten periods. As per Dr. Tan, aside from the listed benefits, her patients also found that they felt “blooming” and more confident while being on this brand as it helped with their well-being. 

With that, I ordered my first batch. To order yours, just go to the birth control pills tab, and select your preferred brand. They have a multitude of payment options, such as Gcash, Grabpay,, Cash On Delivery, Paypal, and credit/debit cards. 

The ordering process was easy breezy, just like the consultation.

(insert delivery review) 

Order date: 3/30 

Ship date: n/a 

Delivery date: n/a 

Also, before I forget, if you still have questions after ordering your products or consultation, you can freely message the doctor that was assigned to you via Viber or email. You can also chat with Ease support should you need immediate assistance. 

From registration and consultation, I would rate Ease 5/5, because I was indeed able to go through their process with Ease. 

While I haven’t received the order yet, their customer service staff are very eager to assist and provide updates. As of 4/5/22, they said that Charlize was still out of stock and will ship the items at the soonest possible time. 

I am happy that there is an option like this for women nowadays. I wish this was available to me before, as it could’ve saved me a lot of time when I was younger. I could’ve gotten information better instead of putting up with the judgment I experienced in doctors’ offices and pharmacies while getting myself figured out. I could’ve explored my options instead of relying on what the doctor told me, even though I was no longer happy with the results of the pills I was on. That time, I couldn’t really tell my doctor at that time that I was so moody and that I didn’t like the weight gain and cystic acne that I was getting because they made me feel like I was such a bother and that it was my fault that I was getting all these side effects because I chose to go on birth control. 

I would highly recommend Ease to women who are looking to explore their options or who are in need of a supportive and accessible platform to get their birth control needs. 


Consults start from P300 and contraceptive options start from P60. Free shipping is available as well. 

Are there real doctors on Ease? 

Yes, all the doctors on the Ease platform are registered medical practitioners who hold a Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license. 

Time frame: 

Birth control pills and condoms take 1-3 days to arrive in Metro Manila and 3-5 days for the rest of the Philippines. 

Other contraceptive options are also available on site.


Ease is not a pharmacy or a clinic. They are service platform that improves access to sexual and reproductive health services through the use of technology and supply chain innovations. 

However, they work closely with licensed doctors and pharmacies to ensure that the process of attending consultations and obtaining medication is as streamlined and convenient as possible. 

Ease also does not replace your primary care provider but helps you avoid scheduling multiple appointments by providing convenient access to a range of sensitive healthcare services. We encourage you to continue seeing your primary care provider, especially for annual check-ups and urgent care.

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