My 2020 Year End Review | Life 2020

Ah, 2020. This goodbye is long overdue. 

But before I bid you a final farewell, I want to thank you for all the opportunities that you have given me. You are an unforgettable year, indeed. 


I got my DREAM job! While I am not able to disclose the company, let me just say that it has been my dream to work here ever since I discovered I can work here -- ie, since 2015. Five years forward and here we are! :)


We were able to go to Big Bad Wolf for our Valentine date!

Big Bad Wolf. Dare I say more? 

Here are all the books I got! 


Aside from the onset of the lockdown, well, I turned 24! Wasn't really able to celebrate but here are some pictures of me, I guess? 


still can't believe this actually happened. wow.

I became a beauty livestreamer from for Shopee! 

Here are a couple of times I was featured on the official Shopee page!


I released my first ever ebook!


I had my first guesting! 


I started livestreaming my painting process!


I finally got my blog the way I wanted it! Haven't changed it since!


I started my own Facebook group! 


I became a PH Influencers admin... No words can explain how ecstatic and nervous I was to take on a heavy but welcome task. 


I reached 10k followers on Instagram! I get the swipe-up feature now! <3

Thanks ANC for this feature. We are thankful and grateful. This is for you Queens!

I got featured on the news! :D


I survived 2020! :D

Social Media Statistics as of December 2020:

Instagram - 10.2K followers with 4.5% engagement rate

Facebook - 3K likes on my Facebook page 

Youtube - 894 subscribers, 25,380 views and 175 videos

Blog - 16,000 PLUS HITS!!!!

Special Mentions:

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