Habits I Want to Master this 2021 | Life 2021

Now that I am turning 25, I feel like I want to be able to train myself into becoming a better version of myself and who I want to be. 

I want to rediscover myself and figure what I really want in life. 

I believe the way to do it is to create habits that can help me be more productive and manage my time better. I want to be able to create more and give more to the world. I also want to get out of this rut that I have fallen into and can't seem to get out of. Lately, I have been feeling like I have not been utilizing my resources, opportunities, and potential.. and I want to change that. I want to be successful and have something to show for. 

I want to rediscover my drive to become the go-getter that I believe myself to be. So, here's the strategy that I will be implementing to achieve my goal.

1. Identify what habits I already have.

2. List down the habits I want to master or keep from my current habit list.

3. They say that by average, habits are formed in 21 days and set in 90 days so what I'll do is implement a new habit in 21 days, and then add a new habit on the 22nd day, while still tracking the previous habit till the 90th day. 

4. After 90 days, evaluate the habit and see if it's still needed or if I need to tweak it or create a new habit. 

With that said, here are the habits that I want to incorporate this year. 

1. Keeping a daily journal. 

2. Taking care of myself; hygiene, fitness, and health. 

3. Reading a book and reflecting on what I learned from what I read. 

4. Being consistent and responsible in everything I do. 

5. Connecting more with people that add value and matter in my life. 

6. Being true to my personal brand and values. 

7. Doing affirmations and being kinder to myself. 

8. Making time to learn something new. 

These are the habits I currently have in mind and so far, for today I have taken a shower and used good skin lotion, taken my meds on time, journaled for a bit and I'm nearly done with an online course. 

I think that is an initial great progress for me and I look forward to doing more. 


  1. Those are great habits to master. I tried to do it too but, it's really hard and challenging. I think picking up 3-4 habits is okay for beginners like me. I am focusing on my health, fitness and career.:) thanks for featuring this idea on your blog!

  2. It's a good jump off list, but might be more helpful if you put in the specifics. For example, what new thing do you want to learn exactly? For me, I learned simple video editing which I've held off for years because I have a husband who does it far more better.

  3. That is a good start. It's very important that we take care and be good to ourselves because most of the time we think and care for others that we forget about self care.

  4. This sounds like a great option. Thanks for putting this all together! I also want to make a difference in my life and I'd like to try new things but I don't know how to start and I just can't organize my plans. You've just given me ideas what to do. I'll save this. Thanky!

  5. Taking care of your self is important. By doing so, you can also give care to others wholeheartedly.

  6. You go girl!!! You can absolutely do this. You life will change by just doing those simple habits daily. Im sure you’ll achieve whatever goal you have haha

  7. THose are very nice goals. I have tried and tested the 21 day habit and it does work as long as your consistent in following through during the time period. Good luck in your journey to self discovery.

  8. imma try doing this also. i hope i would form a habit. number 1 ko now is to work out in any way i can. nakastart na ako pero paputol putol pa din heehe. i hope you'll be able to succeed sa goals mo!

  9. Those are nice habits! I also do this every new year instead of a new year's resolution, I'm focusing more on my goals and habits to improve myself.

  10. Taking care of our heal is very important. We have the same list too and honestly, I failed to focus on my goals and improving myself due to stress.