Let's Talk About Finances | Money 2020

Five months ago, I had enough saved up for a couple months of travel. Because I wanted to travel in 2020. I wanted to try it out. I have never ever tried to travel until it was planned by someone else or if I was going to be with a trusted group, so I felt like it was about time, you know?

Finally travelling on my own as a 24-year old.

But then, smack center on the eve of my birthday, the pandemic lockdown happened. It started as a “two-week preventative measure”... and then a month… and then another couple weeks.

Now we’re on our sixth month of quarantine.

So, my travel fund became a “make my apartment work from home friendly” fund instead. I bought a new table, new shelves, new fans, new wallpaper. I also bought stuff to “improve my home content” which, we both know didn’t happen. Home content is something that I can’t seem to master or even do.

My boyfriend also moved in with me around the same time as the lockdown, so that’s another change. We had to get a bigger bed because two people won’t fit in my single bed comfortably. We also bought more storage boxes because more stuff = more clutter.

So, long story short, there were a lot of changes. My whole year, which I have meticulously planned didn’t exactly happen.

But enough excuses already. It’s not really about the changes that has happened, but the changes that I am going to do.

I am worryingly out of savings, something that is bad news most especially with how unstable everything is right now, and I do not want to stay that way. With that said, I am going to be taking a page out of Issa of sabvingpinay book and start tracking my finances to the very last centavo.

I will be starting with this blog post, enumerating what I have and what my goals are, and maybe check in every month or so. To start, here are my income streams, or money in. These numbers are going to averages of the past 6 months, so that it will still be relevant. I will just update with actual numbers when possible (note: I am using “my” but since I am living with my partner already, this is actually our combined resources already.)

My “day job” salary: 19,000 monthly ave

My “social media” salary: 16,000 monthly ave

My “sideline” salary: 5450 every 2 weeks ave

Total: 45900 ave

Next, here are my recurring expenses:

Rent: 7000 monthly

Utilities: 4000 monthly ave (laundry, electricity, water, internet etc)

Food: 5000 monthly ave (for 2 people)

Grocery: 6000 monthly ave (household items such as snacks, toiletries, etc)

School: 10000 monthly (tuition, supplies, etc)

If I’m just going to use the number aforementioned, I should be saving at least around 10k monthly right?

Nope. It just vanishes into thin air.

What really annoys me is that I used to survive with just over 14k monthly, back in 2017. Sure, I was living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes I had to borrow from friends, but it felt like I was living much better during that time in my life.

I may never know what exactly changed, it could be my state of living, or my priorities or whatever, but I want to feel that way again. I don’t know how, but maybe documenting it would be a great way to start.

Right now I am tracking my expenses and trying to see what’s my biggest drain (although I know it’s sales and online shopping), and having an action plan to see how I can maneuver through it and come out of this black hole financially successful and stable.

With that said, here are my goals.

1. Create my emergency fund that can sustain me for a year.  

based on my recurring expenses list, my emergency fund should be at least 32000 monthly. Since I want it to be enough for a year, I should be able to put away 384000. I’m rounding it off to 400k. With my current “money in”, I should be able to do this in about a year.

2. Invest in the stock market

This has always been a dream of mine, so I want this all set in about six months. I know the stock market is kind of down lately, but I see that as my chance to buy stocks and play with it without a huge risk.

3. Buy my own property

My goal is to buy at least a 2 bedroom property, and judging from today’s prices, I need an initial of at least 300k for downpayment and 200k fallback

4. Have my 1st million

Now I know this is a bit far fetched, but a girl can dream, right? With my current money flow, I can get this within 4 years. That is if I spend nothing lol.

5. 52 week money challenge

I know, I know, it’s September already, but I believe there’s not really a right time to save. I can just check in after 52 weeks to see if I succeeded.

6. Get my very own SnR/Landers card

Okay, not really a cash goal but I think it can help save me money in the long run, since I can buy in bulk. Or maybe I just want to experience it, idk hahah

7. Enroll in Pag Ibig 2.0

I wanna try that once I have the option to visit my company HR office

8. Start my own business

Right now I don’t really know what business I want but that is one of my ultimate goals in life

Next update will be by the end of September so I hope you stay tuned.


  1. I agree with the Landers card idea and Pagibig 2.0. It can help you in the long run.

  2. The goals you have set for yourself are great and attainable if you work hard and stay focused on them.

    1. I'm glad you think so! I was starting to think they were a bit too ambitious!

  3. Wow great goals you've set up for yourself, this is wonderful!

  4. These are really nice goals! I might take inspiration from this, thanks for sharing this article with us!

  5. This pandemic hit a lot of people, and many of us who work in the travel industry have been struggling quite a bit. The financial goals at the beginning of the year have transformed into chimeras.

    1. I feel you. But we are strong and resilient! We can get over this! <3

  6. these are really great goals, im currently saving up for a home its good to have goals!

    1. Oh wow! I can just imagine the house tour you'll be posting about in the near future! Go girl!

  7. Track down every single spending. It's the best way to find out where your money is going.

    1. Yes! Kind of hard to do since I'm not the one buying supplies but trying my best to monitor everything! :)

  8. I am I very bad with the finances and I always look for extra help in that matters. thanks for a very helpful post

  9. I've been there. And honestly, you're right. The best way to take back control is digital accountability.

    1. I agree! So far making use of the digital financial tools available is helping me achieve my goals!

  10. Thanks for sharing this honest post with us. I have so much work to do to clean my finance. I am going to follow your steps and set attainable goals.

  11. You go girl! May you achieve all your dreams.

  12. These are good financial goals. Having an emergency fund is a must these days. Just a tip: take it easy when you shop in S&R or Landers. Temptation everywhere.