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Skincare isn’t just about what you put on -- it’s also what you put in. 

In these trying times, we have to consciously think about what we're doing to ourselves -- if we are giving ourselves enough of a break or downtime as the line between work and play can be very blurred lately.

I never thought that working from home would’ve been such an issue for me, except that it was. I realized that the luxury of working from home for me was the ability to have a flexible schedule and not just staying at home. For the first few weeks, I was constantly pushing myself to do more, work more, create more because I felt that I didn’t have any excuse not to -- there was no more traffic, travel time, or delayed trips. After a few weeks, I was burned out and felt like my whole world was crumbling as I was not getting the results I was expecting. 

The culprit? 

Not taking care of myself.

I was getting a maximum of 3 hours of sleep daily, running on caffeine and sweets, eating fast food left and right. For someone who advocates self-love, I wasn’t following my own advice. 

Once I was able to come to terms that I still need to rest even when I am working from home and that it was okay to just chill and do nothing for a while, I started on slowly working on taking care of me. 

Lockdown gave me enough time to try out new skincare products and discover what's best for my skin. In the past 4 months, I've learned that the foam cleansers work better for me and my skin just loves hydrating products despite having oily skin. I also got into the habit of using skincare and reapplying when needed. Being in a pandemic also made me even more consistent with taking my supplements to help my immune system work better. It also makes sure that I am getting enough vitamins and minerals despite my sleep schedule and eating habits. 

Lucky for me, most of the items that I have tried are readily available at @watsonsph and I don’t have to worry about getting a hold of them even when I run out. Feel free to shop your essentials through Watsons Online or through their Call and Delivery Services. For those who have Watsons stores nearby, they will remain open to serve you! Just make sure to wear your mask and observe proper social distancing!

Stay strong, and stay beautiful. 

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  1. Will start purchasing products from Watsons Online too! I must admit I don't have time for self-care. Thank you for this, Janessa 😊