Quarantine Survival Tips | Lifestyle 2020

I have to admit, this whole quarantine situation threw me off guard. Not just because of #NewNormal but financially as well. 

You see, I just started a new job in January and I was still getting back into the routine of things.. and then the pandemic hit. Suddenly we all had to adjust and adapt to the Enhanced Community Quarantine.. then to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine... then to General Community Quarantine... and now back to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

I am forever grateful that I am with a company that decided to keep their employees despite all that is happening, but not everyone is so fortunate. I have seen firsthand how this has affected my friends and family. For some, they started their own businesses like baking and cooking.  For others, it's buying and selling. Whatever choice it is though, one thing I realized is that online is the way to go, quarantine, or not. 

So, here are some tips that I was able to rn from my entrepreneur friends. 

1. Marry your passion with skill.

Most of my friends started with the things they already love -- makeup, decor, cakes, and cookies to name a few. However, just passion is not enough. It is also becoming a saturated market, so make sure you have skills as well.

Passion will motivate you, but skill will carry you through. 

2. Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail.

Having that initial bout of inspiration is amazing and will help you with your new venture, but keep in mind that every business needs a Plan B... and C... and D...

What happens if you get an overwhelming order? If you run out of ingredients? Have a transportation issue? What will you do to keep your business afloat? 

Starting your own business means that you are responsible for every single aspect of it, so make sure you account for everything and that you are ready for everything. 

3. Find a partner you can trust. 

Last but not the least, trust your partner.

Project Commerce is your business buddy, ready to help out in all aspects of your startup -- from shopping to shipping. 

They know failure, and how to make that failure into success. They can help you build the online store of your dreams and they will guide you every step of the way.

This way, you can ensure your loved ones are safe, while Project Commerce does the same for you and your business. 



  1. I am also thankful that I am with a company that has been caring to its employees. If not, I do not know how we will survive the quarantine.

    1. so true. we should always count our blessings most especially during times like this,

  2. Agree that the pandemic has badly affected all businesses, including small and start-up ones. By going online guarantees, to some extent, that people will still buy your products or services. In fact, we are considering a delivery partner for our small coffee shop business. What keep us holding though, is the administrative cost of the online service, which will eat a portion of our revenue.