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My grandmother always told me -- "Take your vitamins, so won't have to take bitter medicines." .
With my hectic schedule of being a working student, a content creator, and now, a livestreamer, I make my vitamins are up to date and that I am stocked up. Which is why I am thankful that @watsonsph offers a variety of brands, should my fave ones run out! .
Personally, I take the following supplements daily: - Multivitamins, to make sure I stay healthy and energetic
- Collagen, to keep my skin looking plump
- Vitamin E, as an anti-aging supplement
- Vitamin C, to boost my immunity
Watsons PH has always been my go-to place to get my essentials and I'm happy to able to still be able to purchase from Watsons through their online shop and app. Definitely convenient and safe even during this lockdown period. So if you're looking for a a fast and efficient way to be healthier, definitely check them out!
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