VLOG#8: Umi & Nevaeh Summer 2017 ☀️ | Janessa Pablo

Summer 2017 is my best summer yet because of you, my love.

You are the love of my life.

You don't know how much I appreciate every single thing that you do for me.. We may not have the picture perfect, instagram worthy relationship, but I, we have something real. We have a relationship that cares, protects, fights for each other. For us. For our dreams, for our goals, our future. I will never ever regret that you were, you are the man that I first fell in love with. That you are the one that I know will wait for me by the altar. Your eyes are the eyes that I look into when I say I do. I love you Charles, and no matter how mad I get or how jealous you get, I know that we will be us till the very end.

- N


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Manganas Garden - Stuck In Nostalgia (Besnine Remix)


►Manganas Garden:


Hello, I'm Nessa, I'm 21 and I film myself doing everyday things and upload them on the internet! I'm your resident Bulakenya in Manila and I'm ready to discover the world through clueless adulting.

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