Don't fall in love with me. | Literature 2016

Don't fall in love me, that's the only warning I'll give you.

Don't fall in love with me, no matter how much you're tempted.

No matter how much you want to.

I beg of you, don't fall in love with me.

Previously I warn myself not to fall for you, but I've realized there's no danger that I will, because I can't. Because I'm already  in love with someone else, and my heart doesn't work that way.

And so now, it's you that I have to protect from myself.

Please don't fall in love with me.

What we have is uncertainty, but we need not to be reminded. What good would it bring, except ruin the present? And so take my hand, and deeper into this mess we go. With our hands entwined we'll face whatever this may bring, whether it be salvation or flames.

We can have our fun, make ourselves believe we're the last two humans on earth, we can make time stop or make it go faster. We can enjoy the stolen moments, we can make false promises. We can conquer the world. We can make our own world.

But remember this. At the end, when I have to choose, I will not choose you. I can't choose you.

You're not the one I love.

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