2016 Resolutions | 2016

Another year has come and gone and we’re now on our way to a new one (duh)

2015 changed me,  made me realize a lot of things and taught me a lot of other things (but that’s another blog post)

So, without further ado, here’s my 2016 resolutions

1.       No more softdrinks

Let’s face it. I carry around a bottle of water like I’m the most disciplined hydrated human but no, the water inside that bottle has been there for the whole day and yes I haven’t even sipped half of it. So, this 2016, let’s try and drink at least 1.5L of water a day. That’s 3 bottles of the cute 500mL bottle you have Nessa.

2.       Save money

Yes, I know you have savings, and yes I know you’re prepared for the future, but why the f*** are living from paycheck to paycheck? That’s a bit of an issue you know, and it’s okay, it’s a brand new year, let’s have a new start. As in, start with at least PhP200 a month. That’s PhP50 a week and yes, yes you can. Invest in a piggy bank.

3.       Invest

Not just money, we just tackled that issue (and you don’t really have that much to risk, be realistic), but invest in yourself. Go on regular derma appointments, have a mani-pedi every two months, buy yourself a good quality blazer.. the list goes on. What you do now to yourself will pay off in the future. And besides, you already look much older than 19 years old, so let your age catch up with looks first. Alright?

4.       Take care of yourself

Let’s be realistic right now. You don’t really have anyone else to depend on. Not your family (it’s about time that they depend on you now), not your boyfriend (heck, he’s still a dependent himself), not your friends (friends, what friends? JK). You’re a legal adult with a stable job and bills to pay. You miss that day of work, you get no cash. So, do yourself a favor, visit your endo regularly, keep your TSH chill, keep your lens grade up to date and make use of the blogilates videos you downloaded (ie, workout). That girl on your phone screen wont be you if you don’t get your *** moving.

5.       Be punctual

Remember the last time you got late? Yeah, the whole got mad and you lost a competition. Always keep that feeling in mind and never ever let yourself be late. You’ve got your routine on point now, and you know how much time you need to get ready. This isn’t high school anymore, that you can pass even though you don’t even attend classes because your family is influential. Actually, you chose this company because it has zero connections with you or your family right? Because you wanna succeed on your own? So start with being punctual. It helps.

6.       Improve yourself

When you were younger, you knew how to play the flute, the piano, the guitar, and you were a lead in the choir. You painted, you sculpted, you made things from scratch. You became the theatre vice president twice, you were in the student council, you were a lady sponsor. You had a lot under your belt and although you kinda had a bit of a breakdown, you pulled through. Now you’re all chill and all these skills you had are slowly rusting. Be the best version of you Nessa, take the good things from your past and keep them with you. Not all of those were bad memories.

7.       Walk to and from work

Oh come on, it’s not a long walk. Too hot? Sunscreen and umbrella. Too tired? It’s less than 15minutes to walk, (less than 10, even, because it doesn’t even register on your Smartrack). And besides, it’s plus steps to your 10k goal. How else are you going to go up to 15k? 20k? stop being so lazy and keep those long legs beautiful.

8.       Stay committed

Not just with your boyfriend, or your family, or your credit history,  but also with your work and hobbies. Stay committed to Telus and grow within them. They took you under their wing and they are offering you multiple opportunities. Go ahead and claim those chances. They only knock once. Stay committed with Youtube and blogging too. Two posts a month is okay for now. This is your #comebackyear right? Don’t slack off again.

9.       Make memories

The past year, you kind of forget how much you loved the camera, how much you enjoyed writing, and how much you loved yourself. People around never noticed, but you did. Still do. You once said that you only take pictures when you’re in a good mood, and judging from the amount of photos you accumulated throughout the year, not much of the year was a “good mood”. So be in a good mood. Document your time because you’ll never ever get those moments back.

10.   Never apologize for how you chose to survive

You are in control, Nessa. If you don’t want to, then don’t.  Feeling like you’re being taken advantage of? Stop. Leave. Ignore. If you’re getting hurt, why stay and keep on getting hurt? Why torture yourself? Why stress if you can have something better? If you don’t save yourself, no one will. 2015 taught you that, remember? Never forget.

Stay positive, Nessa <3

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