I want to live a life worth living again.

Hi, I’m Nessa, 19 and I want to live a life worth living again.

I am currently working as a call center advocate at Makati, Philippines.

I have yet to finish my degree in Elementary Education.

To start off my blog, here are 25 facts about me;

- I am an only child. But I have two sisters and two brothers.
- I have 3 first names and I like to associate my moods to them. Janessa is the go getter happy-go-lucky and cheerful side of me, Anne is a quiet, anxious, kind and eager to please everyone, and Louise is my bitch side.
- I was a print and ramp model for two years. I went on a hiatus to study and pursue other passions.
- I have been in eight schools in the seventeen years that I have been in school.
- I did my own makeup for my Prom and that started my love for the art.
- My bestfriends have been my bestfriends for more than 13 years.
- I originally wanted to be a film director, but fate led me to being a teacher.
- I am totally cool with same sex relationships, marriages, etc.
- My first language was English.
- I know how to play the guitar, and used to compose my own songs.
- My music taste is very erratic, and can change my mood in a second.
- I was a theatre actress in one of my schools and have performed on stage and have worked behind the scenes, which awakened my love of directing.
- I am a frustrated dancer, but I would love to learn how to dance.
- I’m scared of dogs (not so much now, because I had to overcome that because my cousin was imitating that fear, and to make him stop being scared I have to stop being scared).
- Once I overcame my fear of dogs, I became fearless. Literally.
- I am very very impulsive. Impulsive trips, shopping, etc. The only way to stop me is if I literally stop and wait for at least ten minutes. If I still have the impulse but I feel like it’s kinda unsure about it, I wait another 10 minutes until it goes away.
- I’d rather watch Youtube than TV.
- On the same note, I rely on the internet for news.
- I haven’t had short hair in almost 7 years, but I plan to shave all of my hair off and give it to charity after I graduate.
- My goals are tagged #Before25 because I want to be financially independent by that time.
- I have to constantly drink water throughout the day, or else I get hungry even though I have just eaten.
- My home town is San Miguel Bulacan, home of the best Pastillas ever. Totally unbiased, but nothing can beat Pastillas made in my hometown.
- My ultimate goal is to have Czyphr trademarked.
- I love the crown for some reason, but more or less because I grew with the quote "I am a princess because my Father is the King of Kings.".
- I’d rather spend on books than anything else.

And those are my 25 Facts About Me! :) It's also a bit picture heavy, so that you can get familiar with me more. :)

I will try and post every other day, and then when I finally get my Youtube channel up, this blog and that channel with be intertwined very much.

If you have any questions, requests, or if we have something in similar, please comment below! :)

Nessa ♛

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