Seems like yesterday...

 Funny how time flies by so quickly.

More than eight months ago, I was dancing my heart out and creating memories my friends and now, one of those memories live in my heart forever. It was during our prom that I met the boy I am in love with now. I cannot say that he's my first love, (that privilege goes to my bestfriend) but what he makes me feel like better than the first one. For probably the first time, the love I give is being sent back to me, not in the way I wish, but maybe in the way I need.

In these eight months that we've been together, I've been very much happy. People may not know it, but we much more than meets the eye. It seems like even if we have our vast differences, we complement each other.

You can ask me why I love him, and what I love about him, but I cannot answer those. Once again, I am fooled by my undecidedness. Maybe there are reasons why I love him, but I cannot decide which one makes me love him the most. Besides, our story is atypical. According to our customs, anyway.

Where I grew up, girls don't really date younger boys. We may crush, we may dream, we don't really go out. Girls don't go out with girls too, and boys don't kiss other boys. Bottomline, my dreams crashed bigtime. I was hoping to fall into the arms of a man, instead, a boy caught me. He caught me, and never let me go.

He did once, but that's another story.

You see, I would say that we are not meant to be together. I mean, he's younger, he has a different group of friends, he's a lot quieter, he doesn't have that tall, dark and handsome effect, and... he's... just not the boy I imagined I would be with.

But I don't wanna talk about that.

I wanna talk about what I feel right now. I feel like he's all I've ever wanted. Like all of the bits and pieces shouldn't fit but somehow it does. It's really crazy. I really don't know how to describe it.

I love the way our relationship is not based on kisses and hugs, but on respect and loyalty. Maybe being in a long distance relationship did it for us. Maybe being away from each other made us trust each other even more.

Oh whatever. I gotta go to sleep.

Happy 8th Monthsary enzoBeyb. Yup. I'm two days late again. :)

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