The Halloween Experiment

 Hey girls!

Yay! Back to normal make up posts! I really do swear to try and blog more often with actual make up related stuff. :)

This post I'm gonna share something I did yesterday while I was home alone. :)

Make Up Experiments! :)


I really missed experimenting with makeup... Loading up the brush with color and just letting your imagination take you everywhere. Originally, I planned to do something much more dramatic, like a masquerade mask or something like that, but this is what my imagination led me to. So yeah. :)


My friends told me I looked like an "Emo" Girl, due to the colors I used (Pink, Black, Purple) and because my hair is currently  in  what we call "Octopus Cut". Yah, I went through this weird impulsive phase and went through the scissors when I swore I wanted my straight even hair back.. So much for promises. I like it though. A lot of people said it suited me. And I can do a faux bob cut! That, for me, is awesome. Both suits me, they say. That, is awesome, once again. :)

Since you cannot see the actual stuff I did (yay for awesome tablet camera), I guess I would have to make do with words. 

First I did a pink gradient on my lids and then went on adding brown in the crease, and deciding to "cut crease" with black. I kept the black in the crease and for me that was very pretty, creating a subtle but very pretty colorful smokey eye. I'd actually wear this on a night out, if time allows me. For the lower lash line, I lined it with purple and then tightlined with black. Curler, mascara, browbone highlight, inner tear duct high light, blend, touch ups and I was finally satisfied. :)

For the lips, I really wanted to try the ombre lip, so I went on and tried it out. I really love dark lips, and this was perfect! I started out with foundation to cancel my natural pigmentation out and shaped my lips with purple eyeshadow mixed with petroleum jelly (I tend to do that often. Mixing up my own batches of lip color. Yeah, weird I know.), and then filled them in. I used black eyeshadow mixed with P.Jelly to create a smaller poutier lip shape and then from there, worked my ombre magic. A dab of lipgloss later, my lips were BAM! I am so not kissing any boys tonight. LOL.

Over all, I really loved what I ended up with. It's not often that I do, anyway. Sometimes make up ideas look so awesome in my mind and look so damn wrong on my face! Believe me, it happens. :/

Here are a few more vain shots of moi. I love these last two pics, they look sooo Vampire-ish, which I like. 
On my Facebook, I put these up with Gothic Doll as the album title. Maybe I should change it to Vampire Doll? Meh Meh. Not sure. :)

Of course, since Halloween is around the corner, I decided to amp things up and made myself a broken Gothic Doll. Yup, you read that right. Thank bubzbeauty for the idea! :)

If there was a Halloween party around the corner, I would totally go as a Broken Doll. That would be like, the god awesome of the gods of awesome. Yup. I just added a few cracks and holes using liner and shadow. :)


I guess that's it for this blog post? I feel like it's been far too long and rambly. :)

Oh well. Ciao Blogger People! Have an awesome Halloween! :)



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