So I went shopping...

 Here's the deal. My Papa told me that since they've got a new unit, I could like go to their unit and stay there for two days or so (usually weekends)... and I get to shop at my favorite mall, the infamous Mall of Asia! Things like these make me proud that I'm a Filipina.

Anywho, Papa didn't actually give me anything wrapped up and stuff, but he gave my P1,650 in cash and told me that I could buy anything I wanted as long as I didn't burn all of the money in one go. And so I did. :P

First I went to the Department store and checked out their vests and cardigans as I'm trying to build my 'College Wardrobe Must-Haves' before my actual college years. Guess what. The stuff that I would have loved to buy were P500+ and I think that's a bit too pricey for clothes that I can find in stores back home. So I didn't buy those. I also checked out some of the boots (because I really want new pairs, but those too pricey too..). Next I looked at the accesories especially those with the vintage feel and holy moly! P330 for ONE necklace?! Are you kidding me? I could probably get four or five necklaces with that amount in other stores! And so I left those alone. And then finally I went to the makeup section.

And goodness gracious didn't I burn through my moneh.

All in all, I got these beybehs.

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