And as promised...

 If you'll ask me what my style is, I'd just probably say, well, nothing. I'm gonna think for a long time.

Because I don't really know what my style is called.. I mean, I incorporate a lot of styles (?) in my style. (Yeah I know that sounds kinda weird.) I can be the rocker girl on Monday, the military one on Tuesday, the sweet Lolita on Wednsday and so on. I don't really have a 'fixed' style and it mostly it depends on my mood. I like to call my style 'A Little Bit of Everything' (Just like what this blog will now be called from now on, haha.). 

Trends wise, I like to mix in or just look for pieces that are already in my wardrobe with the trend I have in mind and put an outfit together with that piece as a base. But most of the time, I don't really follow trends. I just wear what I like and as long as I feel good about myself, I won't give a damn about what other people say. Yup.

My go-to outfits usually include shorts/jeans, tshirts or graphic tees. Kinda boyish for someone who literally grew up in skirts and dresses, but I find that skirts and dresses doesn't really, like, fit my lifestyle (which is active and happy-go-lucky and well, to cut the story short, wild.) and I don't really like having to constantly worry if my undies are showing and stuff (but depending on my mood, sometimes I wear them. :P).

When dressing up for formal occasions or friend meet-ups and stuff, I dress to impress, but I still choose comfort over style. I mean, how can you even impress people when you're not impressed by yourself? I know, that sounds sooo narcisstic, but you know it's true. 

I would love to show pictures of my outfits, but as of now I don't have them (I didn't take pictures and I'm six hours away from my wardrobe--I'm at my Papa's house... Speaking of, I have a haul coming up! YAY!), so I'm just gonna post that once I get decent pictures.

Yup, so I think it's time that this little post ended, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hugs, Nessa. :*

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