It's been so freaking long.

 So lemme just tell all my recent stories in pictures. OKAY?!

Good. :)

watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two in 3D at MOA. Cried the whole freaking film. >.<

so glad you can't see my bloodshot eyes here

read up!

Tempura Maki, California Maki, American Maki and a glob of wasabi. Mmm.

American Maki!!   Tempura Maki!!

My favorite California Maki!!


I'll be coming back for mooooreeeee Fried Ice Dream!

a random photo courtesy of Gerardo. and another one featuring Golda's ring.

stolen pics!!

now that's what you call Xyrynity. :D

Xyryn Swagger. Xyryn Hungry. :P

My first makeup 'job' (middle girl)

no close up pics, sorry.
but i might do a tutorial on my channel!!

my preschool daughter, Xyryn. Kidding.

Abby and Keona

random not so weird pics. :P

pretty sky pretty high. :P

What's wrong with this pic???

My Purchases.

A random pic of moi.

a random gradeschool pic of me and my bestfriend.

detailed blog posts about these pics soon. :)


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