As you might have known, Harry Potter recently came to a sad, sad, end. For the non-fans anyway. For the fans, Harry Potter will never, ever end. 

ANYWHO, I watched it.

In 3D.

And I cried the whole effing time.

I mean, I didn't even get to watch the movie as thoroughly as I'd like.

But that's okay, coz I've read the book more than five times. I know what's going to happen after on escene, etc. ect.

BUT STILL! It's my childhood! And I need to watch it carefully! More than a thousand times! Frame by frame! 

*crazy fangirl mode*

If you're asking about Post Potter Deppression, I certainly have it, but not as strongly as others. I mean, I did get to bond with my father of about a whole day. 

Here are some pics for you.

Before we watched the movie. I went with Papa, his girlfriend Tita Peaches, my aunt Tita Mayen and my cousin, Kiko. 

I seriously swear I think I look like a scuba diver. Sirius Lee. 

After watching the movie. Am so glad you can't see my bloodshot eyes due to all of the crying. Haha. 

This is my favorite pic. I really really love it!!!

Things that happened this day:

My laptop lcd cracked
I got uber bad mood because I had to go home early coz my cousin wanted to go home. (Come on! This was supposed to be my day! :(( )
and I said goodbye to my childhood. Literally. I feel like a legit teenager now. LOL. I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense!

That's all, and thanks for reading!!


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