How it all started...

 Hello, beings of the universe...

Well, as you have read from the title, this will be about how my novel got started. (Did I say that right? XD)

My novel started out as a pretty simple idea, I think my first thought about it was a girl who belonged in a cult in the Renaissance or Victorian era and it just grew and grew and grew...

The first title was The Society because--

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Okay, back to topic.

--because that was what my original idea is all about. But as I was writing the story, I realized that I really don't know anything about Victorian Era or Renaissance Era, I'm not gonna lie. I love those eras to bits, and I adore royalty stuff and history and all those mush-mush, but no matter how many books I read that is Victorian Era centered, I won't be able to write an original, no, not original, but, hmm, 'unique' book or story because I would be modelling it to book that I read. And I hate that kind of thing. It's like saying to myself, "Nessa just go and change a few things in this book, post it online and wait for the fanfare.". No, I certainly hate that and I'd rather write fanfiction than model my story or novel to a book that I loved. That's like indirect plagiarism. (Yup, I'm a sucker for originality. :| )

So I changed it, made it modern and changed the title to "Raven" and then realized that's so common. I then added my main character's last name, which is Midnight. "Raven" became "Raven Midnight" which was too blah for me, so I thought and thought and then decided to transpose (Hell yes, algebra term. XD) the last name before the first name and got my perfect title, which is "Midnight Raven".

And then I looked at it again and put a little comma, changing it to "Midnight, Raven". Now, isn't that a lot better? I love how a comma can totally change a whole sentence.

And so, my first ever 'professional' novel, Midnight, Raven was born. I say professional because this is my first ever novel that I will be posting online, meticulously weeding out loose ends, creating concept arts, drawing ideas (literally), and basically being totally serious about writing it and finishing it. It's even gonna be a manga comic! My good and great and talented friend, JL will be my illustrator. We plan to work on it this summer. Yes, you will be seeing it. :)

That's all, that was pretty long, but that's okay. :)

Yup, this is where I bid you ja ne!

Thanks for dropping by.

P.S. First chapter will be up once I finish it. Well, finish rewriting it. :P

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