OKAY. I have to post this one...

 Because I told meh other blog that I'll do so. :p

How did my day go? Hmm...

Pretty awesome. :D

I mean, oh jeez.. I can't post it here! What if someone sees it?!

But that's the point of having a freaking blog, dang it.

So I'll just give you a rundown of what I did this day.

And I'm listening to "Untouchable" by Taylor Swift and it's my absolute good mood song right now. *Squeee*

And my stomach's rumbling. Bleh.


  • woke up at 7: 30am and almost freaked out and then went back to sleep until 7:50-ish. 
  • got ready for school, taking my time because I'm late anyways

YUp, and forgetting what to type because of playing Gerardo's guitar. I think it sounds better than mine. many would contradict that. I swear.

Gonna finish this later. I hope.

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