Snoe Beauty went on Sale and I went on a Shopping Spree! | Haul 2021

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One of the first-ever brands I worked with was Snoe Beauty, and it was so memorable because I just used to check out their stuff in Glorietta, but I can’t get anything because I was on a super tight budget. 

Two years have passed since then and I have worked with other brands but I still go back to some of my faves from them, such as their Glam Jam Tints and Tinted Eyebrow Wax. 

I found myself into a deep dive in Snoe Beauty research and found a rave forum in Female Network. I remember being active in forums during my teen days. Good times. But yeah, I think it’s a testament of how nice and effective their products are. Personally, I find their brand very interesting because most if not all of their items are very unique. I think their “Oil for All” line shows that. I have never in my life known these oils and that’s coming from someone who loves skincare oils! 

So when I saw their Shopee store go on sale a couple weeks ago, and I just couldn’t stop myself from getting my dream items before and some new things that caught my eye. It’s one of my dreams to one day get everything in their product list just because lol 

Anyway, my orders just arrived so here’s a haul! :)

Items mentioned (no particular order): 

(group photo)

Body Ritual Recipes Fresh Custard (review)

- Vanilla Bean Butterscotch: *

- Jelly Bean: *

- Lemon Drop - *

- Nectarine Ginger Tea:

- Cotton Candy 

- Honey Dew Melon & Yogurt: *

(single photo)

Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz in Chewing Gum: * (review)

(group photo)

Body Ritual Recipes 5-in-1 Cleansing Syrup (review)

- VanillaBean & Butterscotch - *

- Cotton Candy -

- Lemon Drop - *

(group photo)

Body Ritual Recipes Body Jelly (review)

- Vanilla Bean & Butterscotch - *

- Jelly Bean -

(single photo)

Eye Boop Versatile Gel Liner in Charcoal: *  (review)

(single photo)

Happy White Massage & Bath Treatment Oil in Spark: * (review)

(single photo)

Super Base Silky Complexion Balm Primer: * (review)

(single photo)

BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix X2 Marble: * (review)

(single photo)

Let It B With Wasa B BB Cream Perfect Beige: * (review)

(single photo)

Make Out Make Up Melting Cleansing Oil: *  (review)

(single photo)

Poudre Phenomenon Pore Eraser HD Face Powder In WHITE:  * (review)

I also filmed a super quick unboxing video if you wanna watch it instead: 

Do you also use Snoe Beauty? Why not? LOL! 

Find more info about Snoe Beauty here: 







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