Hello 2020 | February 2020

And just like that, the first 30 days of the new decade is DONE. 

My original plan was to have the blog up and running right away this 2020 as believe it or not, I really miss blogging and I wanted to go back to it. #BlogsNotDead!

Yeah.. but of course life doesn't really always go according to plan so here we are. 

Doing a recap for January 2020. 

January 1 - I launched VLONTY, which was put on hold unfortunately as I had to work on something very important which is... 

January 2 - I GOT MY DREAM JOB!

and basically that's what took up my time for the rest of January lol. I had to step up really fast as everything was fast paced -- start date, training, nesting etc

Right now I do feel like I'm kind of getting the groove of it, so I guess we're just about good to go. 

Here's a few more highlights of my January -- sorry I got a bit caught up w/ my major January highlight (I got a job, got a job, got a job :D )

Events (insert picture highlights)
Juice Cubi x
Co Love 
Scout's Honor

And of course... the generous brands who sent over their products this January

(Include photos)



Dr and Co 



Beauty Care Essentials

LR Presets Hub 
Lipstick Plz


Some by Mi

Go Glass

It's amazing to still be able to receive PR stuff even though I have been quite silent on social media for like, 5 months now. So, a huge thank you to you guys. Your trust is heartwarming and I'll do my best to create amazing content for you. 

Here's a list of the things I am thankful for this January as well. This is something I would like to do weekly or at least monthly if possible. 

1. I'm thankful that I got my dream job. 
2. I'm thankful that I am healthy despite the recent ashfall and coronavirus

Here are my inspirations for this month, basically the ones who have pushed me to post this blog even if they don't really know it. 

I've been reading their blogs lately and it has inspired me to revive this blog and try to keep it afloat. 

last but not the least, here are my goals for the next month. 

Post a blog at least once a week. 
Drink more water. 
Setup a savings account.

For additional details with regards to the topics here, I will be doing separate blog posts and link them here when I can. 

And that's in for this blog. 

Qui audet adipiscitur. 


  1. This is quite and interesting and eclectic list here, but it stopped me with oh so many partner brands and links! Just by looking at it I know there's more to this blog than meets the eye. Time does fly fast and now its already August! I hope my blog, HappeningPH.com, gets to see more partnerships and links like these, too. Thank you for sharing your monthly update with us!