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Dear Discouraged Me | Life 2017

Dear Discouraged Me,

I know you never wanted this. I know you never imagined your life like this.

Your gradeschool dream was to be a fashion designer. In high school you wanted to be film director. In college you wanted to be a supermodel.

Look where you are now.

An independent and self-reliant young woman who is on her way to be a graduate of one of the prestigious schools in the country. Not only that, your grades aren't just "passing". Girl, you're fucking flying with colors. You would even be on the President's List and a Latin Honor candidate if not for that 3.5 from Math I (then again, that's math, I understand.). Oh, did I mention you just submitted your work for the Palanca Awards? How about that you're doing all that while working a full-time job? And that you're this close to a 5-digit promotion?

A Google search of your name establishes your online presence (which is not just a social media presence, but an influencer presence). Yes, just in…







NOVEMVLOG #2: Work-School Balance | Janessa Pablo

Let's try vlogging everyday for November.

Hello, I'm Nessa, I'm 21 and I film myself doing everyday things and upload them on the internet! I'm your resident Bulakenya in Manila and I'm ready to discover the world through clueless adulting.

I wanted to challenge myself and make sure I produce at least one video everyday for November 2017, and this is my second day of my challenge. You might wonder why vlog number one is not uploaded, but you'll learn about that in another vlog. I don't aim to upload every single day, just making sure that I vlog everyday and edit at one video is more than enough for me.

Feel free to subscribe and join me in this crazy adventure of mine.

- N
November 2, 2017


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