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Never Stop Learning | Adventure 2017

July 23, 2017.

Our school assignment was to visit the Ayala Museum and write a two-page paper about it. I didn't want to go alone and so I asked my boyfriend to come with me. We've wanted to have a "museum date" for so long and finally we were able to. Being in a long distance relationship and having two hectic schedules doesn't really give us much time.

But this post isn't about that.

It's the satisfaction of finally being able to do something you've always wanted to do, and have your special someone experience it with you.

As a couple, we value learning a lot. We met in back in college and while I have gone a separate way that what we've imagined, we've always reminded each other that lessons are not just in school but around us. We've always challenged each other and have never run out of topics to debate and argue about. I feel very blessed to have him in my life, despite all the ups and downs.

While going around the mus…

Avisala! | Encantadia

Esta sectu! The most awaited crossover is happening!Image result for mulawin vs ravena teaser july

OMFL GUYS. Finally! The moment we've all been waiting for!

The Mulawin vs. Ravena and Encantadia crossover!

This is so important the I have broken my blog hiatus two weeks earlier than I planned! (Just kidding, I already broke that yesterday.)

Like seriously. My previous post was all sad and mellow and then this post is brimming with excitement! I'm sorry, I just can't contain myself. I've missed my Sangg'res and seeing them again onscreen is just pure happiness!

And of course, as if I didn't have enough things on my plate, I just had to tackle this question:
How does the Mulawin vs. Ravena and Encantadia story arcs intersect?!

Personally, I'm asking this because I have a few plot holes I'd like to discuss.

MVR follows the Mulawin: The Movie Story Arc, but only up to the part where Aguiluz dies. MTM's ending was Alwina, Aguiluz and Almiro flying away …

Little Lost Me | July 2017

It's 1am right now at and I'm not sure when I'll finish this post, but I hope what I do write will be immortalized by the internet.

For the past few days the most vivid emotion I have is fear. I am scared to sleep, scared to wake up, scared to go out, scared to face people. My anxiety levels are as high as it was nearly five years ago when.. that's another story tell, maybe in the future when I'm ready to share. But, yes. These anxiety levels are slowly but surely climbing up and it's threatening my whole curated system of me.

I would have never thought that this would happen, with all the things I have that's grounding me.

I am lost.

In my pursuit of finding myself, I lost myself.

How oxymoronic right?

How the hell do you lose something you're looking for while looking for it? It's already gone in the first place!

And writing it down just confirms my innermost thoughts.

I already had me.