Long Gone and Moved On

 One thing's for sure.

As the days go by, it gets easier and easier to learn how to live without that constant presence  in my life. Without someone who used to be half of my heart.

I guess I really am moving on.

I thought moving on is gonna be hard, but seriously, it wasn't, at least not as hard as I expected it to be. Maybe because I was in a long distance relationship? Maybe because we don't get to see each other often? Maybe this is the reason why my heart doesn't feel the lack brokenhearted people feels.

Or maybe because there are other people ready to fill the empty spaces he left.

The spaces were filled almost immediately that I never felt the emptiness at all.

Even my Valentine's Day was filled with love.

Or should I say before Valentine's Day?

Because for some weird reason, I went back to my hometown and spent time with my friends. Friends I missed so much and friends I distanced myself from in order to "find myself", "heal wounds", "forgive and forget".

But you know what? I think that was the right thing to do. I think it was just what I needed. Because when we met, sure it was a bit awkward, but I am Janessa. I am the girl who fears no one and just goes with the flow. I do not let myself be into awkward situations and I do not let myself get tongue tied.

I handled the matter very maturely, in my opinion.

I think, I have already moved on.

Still unsure though. I still need to see if I can survive longer and more often visits.

We shall see. :)

- Nessa

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