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Sunday Thoughts | September 2016

Well, I just kind of realized that I can write about anything that I want.
So we start, and right now I'd just like to write my thoughts and immortalize them here.
I've been making a list of things I need for school, and so far I have the following;
scratch paper for draft notesenvelopes for organization3 notebooks since I have 3 classes this semesterindex cardscolored papergluestickpens, pencils, erasers, etchighlighterslegal pad I also want a few more items, but I know for now that's my base needs, these are the things that I have to have for class. I also want to try a new notebook scheme, wherein on one side I have detailed notes and on the other have the outline and things I have to do. I think that would make my notebook more organized and that it will be easier to find things and easier for me study/review for quizzes and exams. We'll see.
For this semester I have Classical Literature, Philippine History and English I. I daresay there will be a lot of writing an…

Visions | September 2016

What do I really want to be?

I want to be successful, I want to prove others wrong. I see myself making a mark on this word, being stopped on the street for a picture or being recognized at the mall. I want to be known as someone.

Who is that someone?

That someone is Janessa. She used her little space on the internet to change the world. She showed what the real world looks like, helped her fellow young adults find their place in the world. She was true to herself as she was knowing herself, because at the age of twenty, people don’t know themselves yet. Janessa is a woman of survival, and for standing for what she believes in. She is a modern Filipina, with battle scars and delicadeza. She was never perfect, although for years she wanted to be, aimed to be, almost died to be. She is a gamechanger. She showed the world why Rizal deemed the young as the future. She proved that you can turn your life around even if it felt you can’t. That you can breathe life into dead ideas and turn t…