Either way, I’m good | Dear Diary 2023

Either way, I’m good. Either way, I’m good

I’ve had this song on repeat for quite sometime now. It just hits. 

You know what I mean? 

It feels like it awakened some sort of latent code in my brain and made me feel… stable. 

Could just be the consistent meds and therapy, but hey, either way I’m good. 

The question is… how do I sustain it ? 

As per my experience with feel good songs, it’s only a matter of time till the “magic” of the song fades and it doesn’t seem as effective as the first couple of times that I listen to it. 

(Louise is my alter ego, I need you back lol) 

I also want to record this day as a good day. It’s one of those rare days that I woke up in a good mood. Given, the first things I read were random posts on Reddit, but all in all, it’s a good wake up. 

For some reason, I also seem to repeat “It was good”, “That was a good dream”, or “If you don’t remember anything else, remember that it was good” in my mind the moment I woke up. 

And so I do. Kinda?

I’m on my knees, pray for glory

Will anyone read this underdog story 

I can’t lose myself again 

Help me raise this heart unbreakable


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