Playdex Powers Kryptomon NFT Rental Marketplace, Enabling Piso Gaming to Web3 | Press Release 2023

NFT gaming has just been made more easy and affordable with the Kryptomon launch on Playdex, SEA gaming platform founded by Filipino gamers.

Playdex, your favorite social gaming platform, is excited to announce that the Kryptomon Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Rental Marketplace is now LIVE on Playdex, offering gamers in Southeast Asia (SEA) and around the globe a groundbreaking opportunity to play NFT games for as low as PHP 1!

What’s the Kryptomon Genesis game all about? 

Kryptomon Genesis is a competitive web3 roleplaying game (RPG) where players can breed, train, and fight with their own unique digital monsters that are purchased as NFTs. In Kryptomon, gamers can explore an immersive metaverse, join epic battles with friends, and earn rewards in the form of $KMON tokens, which can be exchanged for real money.

With the Playdex NFT Rental Marketplace, players can now easily rent Kryptomon NFTs for as low as 1 PHP for a day, making it incredibly affordable to join epic battles and start winning $KMON rewards. Only 3 NFTs are needed to maximize gameplay, with a total cost of just 3 PHP, allowing gamers to access rare and unique NFTs for a fraction of the original cost.

Why should gamers get on Playdex?

But that's not all! Playdex has more in store for gamers. The rented Kryptomons can also be used in the upcoming Kryptomon Genesis Leaderboards to be hosted in the Playdex GameHub, with huge prize pools awaiting those who rank and win in these tournaments. 

At Playdex, gamers have all they need to level up their game like never before.

The Playdex NFT Rental Marketplace is just one of the many up and coming features on the Playdex platform. This revolutionary NFT rental feature allows users to rent NFTs for a specified period of time, without having to purchase them outright.

Watch this “How to Rent Krytomon NFTs on Playdex” video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to rent your very own Kryptomon NFTs now!

What does this mean for web3?

Now, with Playdex, more people can be easily onboarded into web3 — where they can unlock a whole new way to get entertained and get rewarded through gaming. 

Playdex is proud to be at the forefront of this gaming revolution, bringing a more accessible and rewarding gaming experience to gamers worldwide. 

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the exciting world of blockchain gaming and start winning gaming rewards today!


About Playdex

Playdex is a Southeast Asia social gaming platform founded by Filipino gamers with the mission of enabling and empowering the next generation of gamers to play better together and get rewarded for their passion for gaming.

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