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*breathe in, breathe out*

To be completely honest, ringing in the new year didn't go exactly as planned. I cried a couple of hours before the fireworks, didn't get the perfect picture to post at exactly 12MN, didn't have a dinner reservation, forgot to order my planner ahead of time, didn't have my resolutions ready, yada yada yada. 

Ending 2022 just wasn't "it". 

I honestly felt so miserable and I just wanted to go home and sleep it off. 

But I didn't. 

I waited for the fireworks and kept on breathing. 

I'm only going to say this once here, and perhaps never again. 

I never planned to see 2023. My goal was to sleep in 2022, and never wake up. I was so close to doing it, too. I was just too tired to continue, you know? 

There have been way too many issues and I feel like I'm way too old to have these issues. Like, I should have all these resolved by now. I should be okay by now. I should've achieved so many things by this year and I should just be chilling at this point.

But I'm not and I have been feeling so damn tired. So, 365 days ago, I gave myself a year to fix stuff. 

I know you must'v been expecting a cheery new year post, and I'm sorry that these rambles just aint it. 

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