Day 32/100

There is something so crazy about symbolically opening up one's self to the blessings of the world. I posted about having done deals and literally a handful more dropped right in front of me. 

And thennnnn... I also dropped by one of my old haunts for free events and well, I got a couple more that seemed interesting. Keeping my old mantra alive rn, which is, to simply get everything and give everything a try, sooner or later things magically happen. 

So yeah, there's that. :) 

Words are literally magic. Law of Attraction really works I guess. 


A strange thought crossed my mind though. I find so weird that I feel really cringey to even word it out. 

But anyway, here goes. 

Am I someone worthy to be someone's crush? 

Like to I even have those qualities? To be liked by someone in a different way? 

I don't even know. 

Side note: How did I even fit so many things in one day? Why does time lately seem so weird? Like I'm always running out of time? Is it because I'm fat ? 

My day has almost ended again, but it's also yet to begin at the same time. Weird. 

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  1. Hey, chin up, girl! :) It's not on the outside that counts sometimes, what's more important is on the inside and that's all that counts. You just have to open up a bit much to everyone and engage with everyone. You never knew who's in touch with you secretly ;)