Day 16/100


Got a long list of things to do that I'm not even sure I wanna do. 

But I guess I have to. 

- time jump -

TBH finishing up this blog post because I don't want to waste the pretty header that I made. 

I guess that's motivation enough? 

Anyway, like I have shared in my physical journal, so far I am feeling a good kind of flat. Not dead flat, but maybe, stable flat? 

Lately I have gone back to reading, and have finished maybe a maximum of seven books in the past 2 weeks. e-Readers have been my lifesavers lately and I am thankful for them. Reminds me of the time that I was mulling over my OD and was just consuming books day in and day out. 

It's a peaceful feeling, to be honest. 

And I have run out of time lol. 

I guess what's important is that I have blogged 2x in a row now. That's a good start. 

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