My Life in Pictures | The Retrospect Series 2022

Ever wondered how to relive your life? 

A couple days ago, I had the big idea to organize my blog and read through old post drafts that I may have had, which led me to discover so many jumbled thoughts! It was like reading a stranger’s diary yet having a feeling that you know that stranger from somewhere!

Weird, huh? 

As I tried to make sense of the mess that I got myself into, I realized that the most, if not all of these “jumbled thoughts” most likely had a photo album counterpart! How I realized that, you may ask? 

Well, I am a very well photographed baby. And preteen. And teen. And basically my whole life, I guess. I’d say from Grade 4 (Elementary) to now, most of my photos are digital (and are somewhere on the internet!). The rest are in physical photo albums at home!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, I am going to try to (re)document my life and see what I remember from these posts and and stuff. 

The earliest photos (online, at least) that I could find were from 2007 and some baby photos too. So I guess we’ll start from there. 

I’ll be naming this collection as The Retrospect Series, or TRS in short. 

This might be a very bad idea, opening my whole life on the internet, or it could be a future reference point for any students who might need to do a research paper about me. A girl could dream, LOL!

I’ll also try and list the posts here, but don’t hold me to that! I think I’d most likely just mix it through my other blog posts (because the post dates can be changed muahaha, thanks Blogger!). I’ll just add a disclaimer somewhere that it was actually blogged in 2022 and not whatever year that is. 

Looking back in photos also had a very nice effect on me – 

My mental state got a lot better. Previously, looking at old photos made me feel so delayed and stuck, but overtime it started making me feel proud. 

Because I did that. 

I tried those. 

I made these. 

From a feeling of dread came a feeling of pride. 

Funny how that works. 


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